Expert Services

We will relieve clients of time consuming examinations and provide
independent advice as to the strength and weakness of any case

When instructed, we will accept a case in its entirety if necessary
and provide full written reports detailing our findings

Below is a list of our main services

Scene Photography

Scene Photography


Sample Reconstruction Report

To view the report you will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader available below

Sample Scale Plan 1

Sample Scale Plan 2

To view the plans you will need the free Autodesk Express Viewer available below

Download FREE Autodesk Express Viewer

  • Witness interview and statement taking - resulting in the provision of fully typed and agreed statements complying with the Civil Procedure Rules or Magistrates Court Act
  • Interviewing of police officers and provision of agreed statements
  • Full locus reports to include, where required, photographic and video evidence
  • Plans of scenes to any standard required ranging from full computer aided scale plans to proportional sketches
  • Trial and Inquest notes
  • Service of Witness Summonses, conduct moneys and other Court papers
  • Advice where appropriate, outlining the likely benefits to your clients from the provision of full reconstruction reports. The latter advice will be provided for a nominal charge thus allowing you and your clients the advantage of assessing those benefits before committing themselves financially. (That charge being deducted from any subsequent fees if instructed)

The above list is not exhaustive and other associated services will be considered if required


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